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Are you enthusiastic about health, wellness, and fitness? Do you have a knack for expressing your ideas on exercise, diet, and health supplements? If so, we at AH7.Fit™ want you on our team! AH7.Fit™ is always on the hunt for creative and passionate writers who are eager to share their expertise and knowledge with our audience. We believe in giving our readers the tools and knowledge they need to achieve their best selves, and we think you can help.

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Writing for AH7.Fit™ gives you a platform to express your ideas, share your insights, and connect with a community of fitness enthusiasts. AH7.Fit™ is a rapidly growing platform, offering a unique opportunity for you to influence and inspire people on their fitness journeys. We are dedicated to providing accurate, engaging and helpful information. When you write for us, your work will be showcased to a community of fitness devotees looking for the best ways to achieve their health and fitness goals.

We also feature standout pieces in our regular newsletter and share our favorite articles on our social media channels. Your work could be spotlighted, reaching an even larger audience and giving your writing portfolio a valuable boost. In addition, we allow up to two backlinks to your personal website or blog in each of your articles. It’s a fantastic way for our readers to discover more of your work.

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What We’re Looking For?

We’re in search of compelling and original content on the following subjects:
  • Detailed training articles with fresh and expert viewpoints.
  • Creative and practical workout programs for a variety of fitness goals.
  • Quick, healthy, and delicious recipes suitable for all dietary preferences.
  • Comprehensive guides on body recomposition for different fitness goals.
  • Insightful nutrition and supplementation articles with actionable advice and tips.
  • Engaging articles exploring fitness trends and their potential impact on the health and wellness community.
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Here’s what we look for in each submission:
  • Uniqueness: The content should be fresh and not published anywhere else.
  • Reader-Focussed: Your content should aim to educate and assist the reader.
  • Creativity: In an era filled with content, your work should be engaging and creative.
  • Referenced: If your content refers to a study or an article, please include the citation.
  • Originality: Your work should be entirely your own. We have a strict policy against plagiarism.
  • Detailed: For general articles, we appreciate comprehensive pieces. The more detailed, the better.
  • Proper Editing: Make sure your submission is professionally edited, free of spelling and grammar mistakes, and properly formatted.
  • Relevant Imagery: You’re welcome to include any relevant images, graphics, or infographics to supplement your content. Just make sure you have the right to use them.
  • Personal Bio and Images: Let our readers get to know you! Include a short biography (100-500 words), a professional headshot, and any other relevant images or videos. Don’t forget to provide links to your social media profiles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to review my submission?

We typically take around 1-2 weeks to review submissions. If your content is selected, it will be published in the following month. We’ll keep you informed throughout.

Will I get paid?

At the moment, we primarily offer a platform for exposure. However, we do have a small team of paid core contributors. Positions open up from time to time, and consistently high-quality contributions could put you in line for these opportunities.

Is there a limit to the number of content pieces I can submit?

Not at all! We welcome and encourage frequent contributions of high-quality content.

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We’re thrilled to welcome new writers to our team! If you’re ready to make a difference in the world of fitness and wellness with your writing, AH7.Fit™ is the perfect place for you. Express your ideas now!