3 Tricep Exercises Youve Never Tried Kris Gethin

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Welcome to AH7, your ultimate fitness resource! In this article, we’re diving into the exciting world of tricep exercises with none other than Kris Gethin. If you’re looking to supercharge your tricep game, you’re in for a treat. We’re about to unveil three incredible tricep exercises that might just become your new favorites. Get ready to pump up those arm muscles and sculpt those triceps like never before.

Tricep Exercises That’ll Ignite Your Gains

Exercise 1: The Gethin Tricep Thrasher

Get ready to feel the burn with the Gethin Tricep Thrasher. This exercise targets those triceps like a laser beam. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Starting Position: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, gripping a dumbbell in both hands. Raise the dumbbell overhead, keeping your elbows close to your ears.
  2. The Move: Slowly lower the dumbbell behind your head, bending your elbows. Feel that stretch in your triceps.
  3. Bring the Heat: Press the dumbbell back up to the starting position, fully extending your arms. Squeeze those triceps at the top.
  4. Repeat: Perform 3 sets of 12-15 reps, giving your triceps a solid workout.

Exercise 2: The Kris Gethin Tricep Triple Threat

Ready to unleash the triple threat on your triceps? Brace yourself for the Kris Gethin Tricep Triple Threat:

  1. Setup: Sit on a bench with back support, holding a barbell with an overhand grip. Your hands should be slightly narrower than shoulder-width apart.
  2. Action Time: Lower the barbell slowly towards your chest while keeping your elbows close to your body. Feel those triceps engage.
  3. Power Up: Push the barbell back up, fully extending your arms. Flex those triceps at the top for maximum effect.
  4. Rock the Sets: Perform 4 sets of 10-12 reps, giving your triceps the challenge they deserve.

Exercise 3: The Dynamic Diamond Push-Up

Time to take push-ups to a whole new level with the Dynamic Diamond Push-Up:

  1. Get Set: Assume a push-up position, but bring your hands close together under your chest, forming a diamond shape with your thumbs and index fingers.
  2. Down We Go: Lower your body towards the ground, keeping those elbows close to your sides. Feel that tricep activation.
  3. Rise and Shine: Push your body back up explosively, maintaining the diamond hand position. Let those triceps do the work.
  4. Intensity Matters: Aim for 3 sets of 15-20 reps, and get ready to redefine your tricep pump.

Tips for Tricep Triumph

  1. Warm It Up: Always start with a good warm-up to prep your muscles for action.
  2. Form Over Everything: Focus on proper form to prevent injuries and maximize gains.
  3. Progressive Overload: Gradually increase the weight or reps to challenge your triceps.
  4. Consistency is Key: Stick to your tricep routine and watch your progress unfold.
  5. Mind-Muscle Connection: Visualize those triceps working with each rep for better results.
  6. Listen to Your Body: If something doesn’t feel right, adjust your form or weight accordingly.

FAQs About Tricep Training

  1. Q: How often should I train my triceps?
    A: Aim for 2-3 tricep-focused workouts per week, allowing adequate rest between sessions.
  2. Q: Can I do these exercises at home without equipment?
    A: Definitely! You can modify these exercises or use resistance bands for effective home workouts.
  3. Q: Is it normal to feel sore after tricep workouts?
    A: Yes, some soreness is expected as your muscles repair and grow. Embrace the post-workout ache!
  4. Q: Should I do tricep exercises on the same day as bicep exercises?
    A: It’s a good idea to separate these muscle groups to give them dedicated attention during workouts.
  5. Q: How long until I see results in my triceps?
    A: With consistent training and proper nutrition, you can start noticing changes in a few weeks.
  6. Q: Can I do tricep exercises if I have shoulder issues?
    A: Consult a medical professional before attempting tricep exercises if you have any shoulder concerns.
  7. Q: Can women benefit from these exercises as well?
    A: Absolutely! These exercises are effective for everyone aiming to strengthen their triceps.
  8. Q: Should I do cardio before or after tricep workouts?
    A: Aim for light cardio after your tricep workouts to aid in recovery.
  9. Q: Can I incorporate these exercises into my current workout routine?
    A: Yes, simply slot these exercises into your routine to give your triceps a new challenge.
  10. Q: How can I prevent elbow strain during tricep exercises?
    A: Ensure your elbows are tracking properly and avoid locking them out to prevent strain.

Now that you’re armed with these amazing tricep exercises, go ahead and give your arms the attention they deserve. Remember, consistency and dedication are the keys to unlocking those sculpted triceps. Get ready to flex with confidence, courtesy of Kris Gethin’s tried-and-true tricep workouts!

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