Band Assisted Pull Up From Knee

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Are you daring to strengthen your upper body but don’t know where to start? Excellent! You’re in the right place. Let’s introduce you to an innovative approach – the ‘Band Assisted Pull Up from Knee’. This workout specifically targets your biceps, triceps, and back muscles.

Dive into Band Assisted Pull up from a Knee

Now, the term ‘Band Assisted Pull up from Knee’ may sound a bit complicated. But, hey, no worries. It is an easy-to-master exercise, even if you’re a beginner with zero knowledge about workout regimens. Your upper body strength will thank you. Let’s break down the process.

Getting Started: Step-by-step Guide

1. Get your resistance band: Purchase a resistance band. They come in different resistance levels, so choose according to your fitness level.
2. Select your pull-up spot: A sturdy and safely installed pull-up bar is the best choice.
3. Set the band: Loop your resistance band on the bar. Make sure it’s secured in place.
4. Position yourself: Stand below the bar. Now kneel one knee onto the band, keeping the other leg bent on the floor.
5. The pull-up: Reach out and grab the bar. Pull yourself up, ensuring to squeeze the shoulder blades as you go. Lower yourself, and repeat the steps.

This technique primarily aims at your biceps, triceps, and back, providing strength and toning these areas.

Expert Tips

To get the most out of band assisted pull-ups from knee here are some tips for you:

1. Keep your wrists straight: It helps to avoid unnecessary strain and injuries.
2. Use your upper body strength: Pulling through your arms gives better results.
3. Maintain proper form: Good form reduces injury risk and maximizes your results.
4. Progress gradually: Don’t rush. It’s about quality, not quantity.

These tips will make your ‘Band Assisted Pull Up from Knee’ even more effective and safer.


1. What are band assisted pull-ups from a knee?

They are modified pull-ups, performed with a resistance band, a pull-up bar, and a kneeling position. It targets your biceps, triceps, and back muscles.

2. Are band assisted pull-ups ideal for beginners?

Absolutely, band assisted pull-ups from a knee are beginner-friendly and an effective way to build upper body strength.

3. Can I progress to more difficult pull-ups?

Yes, as you grow stronger, you can move to more challenging pull-up forms or reduce the resistance band’s strength.

4. How frequently should I do band assisted pull-ups from knee?

Two to three times a week is sufficient for seeing results over time.

5. Does ‘Band assisted pull-ups from knee’ need any specific equipment?

Yes, you would need a pull-up bar and a resistance band.

6. What’s the correct position for the hands in this pull-up?

Your hands should grip the bar slightly wider than your shoulder width.

7. Where should I position my knee?

You should kneel one knee onto the band, while keeping the other leg bent on the floor.

8. Why is it important to keep my wrists straight?

Keeping your wrists straight decreases the risk of injury and strains.

9. Can assisted pull-ups help me to do an unassisted pull-up over time?

Yes, the gradual progression will help you get strong enough to perform an unassisted pull-up.

10. Can I do ‘Band Assisted Pull Up’ without the ‘from knee’ part?

Yes, there’s a variation where instead of kneeling, you can put your foot in the resistance band.

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