Incline Push Ups

Key Takeaways

Aiming to expand your fitness arsenal? Incline Push Ups is your go-to exercise. This guide promises to walk you through the whole process – from the basics to expert tips. Incline push ups is not just another regular exercise; it engages muscles across your upper body, giving your abs, biceps, and glutes, that enviable tone. Whether you’re a beginner who’s just stepping into the world of fitness, or someone looking to spice up their workout routine, you’re at the right spot. Let’s dive in and unravel the mystery behind doing incline push ups correctly.

Incline Push Ups: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re new to the world of push-ups or exercise in general, climbing the incline push up mountain might seem intimidating. But fret not, the step-by-step guide below can put you at ease:

  1. Position yourself closely to a sturdy, elevated surface, like a bench or step. Your feet needs to be on the ground while your hands resting on the surface.
  2. Ensure your palms are shoulder-width apart and fingers pointing forward. This should form a plank.
  3. Lower your body by bending your elbows until your chest is just an inch away from the bench.
  4. Push yourself back to the starting position. That’s one rep – aim for at least 10!

Tailored Advice for Incline Push Ups

Being informed about the exercise via quick practical tips always comes handy. Let’s dive into some exclusively designed for incline push ups:

  1. Warm up before starting. This can be in the form of a light jog, skipping rope or simply stretching your muscles.
  2. Don’t rush. Perform each push up slowly and steadily. Quality always outweighs quantity.
  3. Engage your core. While many believe push ups only target the arms and chest, involving your abs can lead to a more productive session.
  4. Keep breathing. Inhale as you lower and exhale as you push up.

Incline Push Ups and You

In the end, fitness is about commitment and consistency. Incline push ups integrated into your regular fitness routine can work wonders for your upper-body strength. So, are you ready to let incline push ups take your workouts up a notch?


1.Is Incline Push Up ideal for beginners?   

Yes, as it requires less strength than a regular push up, it’s a great starting point

2.Which muscles do Incline Push Ups target?

Primarily, it targets the abs, glutes, and biceps.

3.Can I perform Incline Push Ups everyday?

Yes, but remember to listen to your body and rest when needed.

4.Is proper form important in Incline Push Ups?

Absolutely. Incorrect form may lead to injury.

5.What can be an alternative to a bench for Incline Push Ups?

You can use a step, a sturdy box, or even a wall.

6. How should I choose the appropriate incline height for Incline Push Ups?

The incline height can vary based on your fitness level. Beginners may start with a higher incline, like a wall, and gradually progress to lower inclines like a step or box as they get stronger.

7. Can Incline Push Ups help with building chest muscle?

Yes, Incline Push Ups target the upper chest muscles, helping to develop and strengthen the pectoral muscles.

8. Should I incorporate Incline Push Ups into my upper body workout routine?

Absolutely, Incline Push Ups can be a valuable addition to your upper body routine as they provide a unique angle of resistance for your muscles.

9. Are Incline Push Ups suitable for individuals with wrist pain?

Incline Push Ups can be a more wrist-friendly alternative compared to regular push ups, but if you have wrist pain, it’s advisable to consult a healthcare professional before attempting any exercise.

10. Can Incline Push Ups help improve posture?

Yes, Incline Push Ups engage core muscles that are crucial for maintaining good posture, and consistent practice can contribute to overall posture improvement.

Remember to always prioritize safety and proper technique when performing exercises.

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