Lying Medicine Ball Power Drop

Key Takeaways

New to fitness or looking for an exercise to spice up your routine? Then the Lying Medicine Ball Power Drop is the perfect fit for you! This article aims to empower, motivate, and guide you on everything you need to know about this transformative exercise. Let’s dive into its fiery world, and in no time, it could turn out to be your go-to move for power-packed workouts!

Understanding The Lying Medicine Ball Power Drop

The ‘Lying Medicine Ball Power Drop’, a name that might seem a bit intriguing at first glance. But, what is it? It’s an exciting and impactful exercise that targets your Abs, Glutes and Biceps! Yes, it’s a triple hitter! An exercise not only versatile but also highly effective for both beginners and seasoned fitness enthusiasts.

Step-by-Step Guide to Lying Medicine Ball Power Drop

Just starting or never heard of this exercise before? No worries, let’s break it down together:

1. Start by lying flat on your back with your knees bent and feet placed firmly on the floor.
2. Hold a medicine ball with both hands extended upwards towards the ceiling.
3. Keeping your arms straight, drop the medicine ball towards your chest, harnessing the force of gravity.
4. Explosively push the ball upwards, back towards the ceiling again.
5. Repeat this drop and push routine for your set amount of repetitions.

Expert Tips for Lying Medicine Ball Power Drop

Nailing this exercise is a blend of technique, tenacity, and just a dash of caution. Let’s unveil some top tips:

1. Using proper form is essential – this is not an exercise to rush.
2. Beginners can start with a lighter medicine ball before transitioning to heavier ones.
3. Stay focused on your breathing. Exhale as you drop the ball, inhale as you push it back up.
4. Always maintain a controlled motion to avoid any unnecessary injuries.

Striking The Power Drop

Embarking on the Lying Medicine Ball Power Drop journey can be a stepping-stone towards achieving your fitness goals. As you embrace the Power Drop, it grows into an essential part of your regimen, offering the power-packed workout your core, gluts, and biceps crave for!


What muscles does Lying Medicine Ball Power Drop work on?

It primarily targets your Abs, Glutes and Biceps.

Is the Lying Medicine Ball Power Drop suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Start with lighter medicine balls and gradually transition to heavier ones as your strength increases.

How many times should a beginner perform the exercise?

Aim for 2 sets with around 10 repetitions each.

Is breathing important while executing the move?

Yes! Proper breathing can play a crucial role in maintaining the rhythm of the exercise.

How to avoid injuries during the Lying Medicine Ball Power Drop?

Maintaining a controlled motion is vital to avoid injuries. Do not rush or drop the ball too hard.

No doubt, the Lying Medicine Ball Power Drop can prove to be a fun, engaging, and effective addition to your workout routine. Remember, consistency is key! Now, step in, embrace the Power Drop, and embark on your fitness journey.

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