Prone Incline Hammer Curl

Alright, champs! Ever heard of the Prone Incline Hammer Curl? If not, you’re in for a treat. By the end of this guide, you’ll have the knowledge to sculpt those biceps like never before. We’re diving deep to uncover the beauty of this powerful exercise, giving you a step-by-step guide on its execution and pumping you up with some golden tips. Ready to boost those guns? Let’s rock and roll!

The Power of Prone Incline Hammer Curl

Hey, gym warrior! You might wonder, “What’s so special about the Prone Incline Hammer Curl?” Here’s the scoop: This exercise is your golden ticket to mega bicep gains.

When you incorporate the Prone Incline Hammer Curl, you are focusing on the biceps brachi and the brachialis muscle. The unique angle of this curl means your biceps are under tension longer, which translates to more muscle activation. Ever heard of the “Prone Dumbbell Spider Curl”? Well, think of this as its close sibling but with an added twist.

Step-By-Step Guide to Crushing It

  1. Setup: Grab a pair of dumbbells and position yourself face-down on an incline bench set at around 45 degrees.
  2. Grip: Hold the dumbbells using a neutral grip (palms facing each other), allowing them to hang straight down.
  3. Execution: Curl the dumbbells up towards your shoulders, squeezing those biceps hard at the top.
  4. Hold & Descend: Pause for a brief moment, feeling the tension in the biceps, then slowly lower the dumbbells back to the starting position.
  5. Repetitions: Aim for 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions, especially if you’re just starting out.
  6. Breathing: Inhale while lowering the dumbbells and exhale as you curl them up.

Pro Tips to Elevate Your Curl Game

  1. Mind the Squeeze: The magic is in the squeeze! Always contract those biceps at the top of the move.
  2. Stay Steady: Ensure your shoulders and upper arms are stationary throughout the move.
  3. Avoid Momentum: This isn’t a swing dance! Don’t use momentum to lift the weights.
  4. Weight Matters: Start light. As you progress, you can challenge yourself with heavier dumbbells.
  5. Visualize: Imagine your biceps as two mountains. With every curl, you’re carving out those peaks.


1. How is the Prone Incline Hammer Curl different from regular hammer curls?
The inclined position increases the tension on the biceps, making them work harder compared to the standing version.

2. Can I do the Prone Incline Hammer Curl without an incline bench?
While you can perform hammer curls standing, the inclined position is essential for this specific variation.

3. Is it similar to the Prone Dumbbell Spider Curl?
They’re closely related! The main difference is the grip. The Spider Curl typically uses a supinated (underhand) grip.

4. How do I know if I’m using the right weight?
If you can perform the last couple of reps with good form, you’re on track. Otherwise, adjust accordingly.

5. How often should I incorporate this into my workout routine?
Aim for 2-3 times a week, allowing adequate rest between sessions for muscle recovery.

6. Can I alternate arms while doing the Prone Incline Hammer Curl?
Absolutely! Alternating can offer a different stimulus and focus on each bicep individually.

7. What other exercises complement this curl?
Consider pairing with tricep dips or push-ups to balance your arm workout.

8. Is this exercise suitable for beginners?
Yes, but always start with lighter weights to master the form first.

9. What are the common mistakes to avoid?
Swinging the weights and not maintaining a stationary upper arm are common pitfalls.

10. Why is it called a ‘Hammer’ Curl?
The neutral grip used in this curl resembles the motion of swinging a hammer.

Alright, AH7 warriors! You’ve got the lowdown on the Prone Incline Hammer Curl. Time to unleash those biceps and show the world what you’re made of! Challenge yourself, stay consistent, and those gains will be knocking at your door. Keep curling, keep thriving!

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