Seated Row

Hey there, fitness enthusiast! Ever heard of the Seated Row ? Of course, you have! This quintessential exercise not only refines your back muscles but also gives you that powerful posture you’ve always desired. Whether you’re looking to improve strength or just add some definition to your back, the Seated Row should be your go-to! Now, let’s dive into the details, shall we?

Why the Seated Row?

Ever wondered why gym-goers always seem to be hooked to the Seated Row? It’s simple. The Seated Row is the unsung hero of back exercises. This effective workout:

1. Targets the middle and upper back, including the rhomboids and trapezius.

2. Helps improve your posture.

3. Builds and tones the muscles.

4. Provides overall back strength.

So, how about trying it out for yourself? Let’s get right into it!

How to Perfect the Seated Row: Step by Step

Alright, beginners, buckle up! Here’s a simplified guide for you:

1. Locate the Machine: Start by finding a Seated Cable Row machine at your gym.

2. Adjust the Seat: Make sure it’s at a comfortable height, ensuring your feet are flat on the platform.

3. Grasp the Handle: Grab the handles using an overhand grip.

4. Set Your Posture:Sit up straight with a slight bend in the knees. Your back should be at a natural angle – not too straight, not too slouched.

5. Pull!: Exhale, and pull the handles towards your torso, squeezing your shoulder blades together.

6. Slow Return: Inhale, and slowly release the handles, extending your arms fully.

7. Repeat: Start with 10 reps and gradually increase as you get comfortable.

And voila! That’s the Seated Row for you!

Tips for a Power-Packed Seated Row

Want to make the most of your Seated Row experience? Here are some golden nuggets:

1. Mind Your Grip:Whether you’re using a Seated Cable Row machine or free weights, always ensure a firm but relaxed grip.

2. Engage Your Core: This provides stability and maximizes the benefits.

3. Avoid Overextending: Don’t stretch too far forward; it could strain your back.

4. Watch Your Shoulders: Keep them relaxed and avoid shrugging during the motion.

5. Consistency is Key: As with any exercise, regular practice enhances results.

What’s the Deal with Seated Row and Your Body?

The Seated Row primarily works on your middle and upper back muscles. More specifically, it targets:

– Rhomboids: These are located between your shoulder blades.

– Latissimus Dorsi: The broadest muscles on each side of your back.

– Trapezius:Extends down the back of the neck and upper spine.

– And a bonus! It also engages your biceps and forearms to a lesser extent.


1. What’s the main difference between Seated Row and Seated Cable Row?

   – The Seated Row can be done using free weights or resistance bands, while the Seated Cable Row specifically uses a cable machine.

2. How often should I include Seated Row in my routine?

   – Aim for 2-3 times a week, giving adequate resting days in between.

3. Is the Seated Row suitable for beginners?

   – Absolutely! Just start light and focus on technique.

4. Can I do Seated Row at home?

   – Yes, using resistance bands or dumbbells, though a Seated Cable Row machine might offer more stability.

5. Why do I feel a strain in my neck while doing Seated Rows?

   – You might be shrugging your shoulders. Keep them relaxed and focus on your back muscles.

6. What other exercises complement the Seated Row?

   – Deadlifts, Pull-Ups, and Face Pulls work well with Seated Rows.

7. How do I know if I’m using the right weight for Seated Rows?

   – If the last two reps of your set are challenging but doable, you’re on track.

8. Is the Seated Row good for postural issues?

   – Yes, it strengthens the back muscles, promoting better posture.

9. Can I combine Seated Row with cardio exercises?

   – Definitely! A mix of strength training and cardio is beneficial for overall fitness.

10. How can I avoid back pain during Seated Rows?

   – Ensure correct posture, engage your core, and avoid overextending or using weights that are too heavy.

Alright, champ! Ready to take on the Seated Row challenge? Dive in, and remember, AH7 is always here to guide you on your fitness journey. Keep rocking!

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