Smith Machine Wide Grip Bench Press

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Ever glanced at a fitness magazine and wondered about the magic of the Smith Machine Wide Grip Bench Press? Maybe you’ve asked, “What’s the fuss about this workout?” Well, here’s the low-down! This exercise is a rockstar when it comes to sculpting your chest muscles. It’s the secret behind those chiseled pecs and toned arms. By the time you’ve finished this read, not only will you be bursting with excitement to try it out at the gym, but you’ll also know precisely how to perform it. Onwards, fitness warrior!

What’s the Smith Machine Wide Grip Bench Press?

The Smith Machine Wide Grip Bench Press, often just called the Machine Wide Press, is a variation of the classic bench press. Instead of the traditional barbell, you use a smith machine. This exercise specifically targets your chest (pectoralis major), and secondarily, your triceps and front deltoids. Every rep you push out is a step closer to that sculpted chest dream.

How to Nail the Smith Machine Wide Grip Bench Press

For all you newbies out there, fret not! We’ve got the A to Z of the Smith Machine Wide Grip Bench Press laid out in simple steps:

  1. Find the Smith Machine: Typically, it’s a tall piece of equipment with a barbell fixed between two steel rails.
  2. Adjust the Bar Height: Position the bar at chest height when you’re seated on the bench.
  3. Grip Check: Now, for the ‘wide grip’ part. Hold the bar with a grip wider than shoulder-width. Your palms should be facing away from you.
  4. Position Yourself: Lie flat on the bench. Your eyes should be under the bar, feet flat on the ground.
  5. Lift Off: Unrack the bar by rotating it. Take a deep breath, hold it in.
  6. Descend: Slowly lower the bar to your chest. Let it touch lightly.
  7. Push It Up: Exhale and press the bar back to the starting position using your chest muscles.
  8. Rack it Up: After your set, rotate the bar back to lock it in place.

Voila! You’ve just completed a rep of the Smith Machine Wide Grip Bench Press!

Tips to Elevate Your Machine Wide Press Game

  1. Stability: Keep your feet flat and shoulder blades squeezed. This provides a solid foundation.
  2. Mind the Arch: A slight natural arch in your lower back is okay. But avoid over-arching.
  3. Breathing: Breathe in as you lower the bar and breathe out when you press it up. This helps with strength and stability.
  4. Start Light: New to this? Start with lighter weights. It’s better to focus on technique first.
  5. Wrist Position: Ensure your wrists are straight, not bent. This reduces injury risks.

Let’s Get Analytical

The Smith Machine Wide Grip Bench Press is an analytical darling in the fitness world. When dissecting the movement, it’s clear that the smith machine’s guided pathway allows for more controlled motion, making it a favorite among beginners and those looking to perfect their form. Plus, compared to its free-weight counterpart, this exercise minimizes the need for stabilizer muscles. Hence, you can really zero in on the chest!


1. What’s the main advantage of the Smith Machine Wide Grip Bench Press?

The smith machine provides a guided path, making the exercise more controlled and reducing the risk of injury.

2. Is the Machine Wide Press suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Its controlled motion makes it perfect for those just starting their fitness journey.

3. How often should I include this exercise in my routine?

It’s best to incorporate it 1-2 times a week, allowing ample recovery time between sessions.

4. Can I do this exercise at home?

If you have a smith machine at home, sure! If not, traditional bench press variations can be explored.

5. What other exercises pair well with the Smith Machine Wide Grip Bench Press?

Consider adding exercises that target your back muscles to maintain a balanced upper body routine.

6. How is this different from the regular bench press?

The main difference is the equipment. The smith machine offers more controlled movement, while the regular bench press requires more stabilization.

7. Why is grip width important?

A wider grip targets the chest muscles more intensely than a narrower grip.

8. Can I use this exercise to tone my arms?

While the primary focus is the chest, this exercise also works the triceps and front deltoids.

9. Is it necessary to add weights immediately?

No, mastering the technique first is crucial. Add weights as you become more comfortable.

10. How do I know if I’m using the right technique?

Always consult a fitness professional or personal trainer for feedback on your form.

Now, fellow fitness enthusiast, you’re armed with all the knowledge you need. Dive into the world of the Smith Machine Wide Grip Bench Press with confidence and zest! AH7 wishes you a powerful workout ahead!

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