Standing Cable Hamstring Curl

Key Takeaways

Kick off your fitness journey with the Standing Cable Hamstring Curl, an exercise meant to incite curiosity in beginners, build strength in enthusiasts, and challenge professionals. This detailed guide provides easy-to-follow instructions, helpful tips, and insightful knowledge on working your hamstrings effectively. Get ready to be motivated and ready to conquer the gym floor!

The Standing Cable Hamstring Curl: A Comprehensive Guide

Looking for a foolproof way of enhancing your lower body’s strength? Consider incorporating the Standing Cable Hamstring Curl into your workout routine. This exercise specifically targets your hamstrings, glutes, and abs, offering a threefold benefit to your physique.

Exercise Instructions

Get Set

1. Position yourself in front of a low cable pulley.
2. Attach the ankle cuff around the leg that’s going to be executing the exercise.

Lift Off

1. Stand up straight, engage your core, and hold onto something for support if needed.
2. Slowly curl your cuffed leg towards your glutes, pushing against the resistance of the cable.
3. Ensure your thighs remain parallel throughout the movement.

Come Back Down

1. Lower your leg back to the initial position, steadily controlling the movement to get the maximum benefit.

Optimal Tips For Execution

1. Remember to keep your chest out and back straight.
2. The motion should be slow and controlled – not swift and jerky.
3. Alternate between legs to ensure balanced development.

The Standing Cable Hamstring Curl: Strength Redefined

Not just another exercise, the Standing Cable Hamstring Curl defines the ultimate blend of challenge and versatility. It supercharges your hamstrings while providing an effective workout for your abs and glutes. With this maneuver in your workout arsenal, your lower body fitness goals aren’t far from reality.


1. Can beginners perform the Standing Cable Hamstring Curl?
Yes, beginners are encouraged to attempt this exercise initially under supervision.

2. What muscles does the Standing Cable Hamstring Curl target?
It majorly targets the hamstrings, abs, and glutes.

3. How many repetitions are recommended for beginners?
Beginners can start with 1 to 2 sets of 10-12 repetitions each.

4. Can this workout be done at home?
Yes, as long as there’s an adequate home gym setup with cable equipment.

5. Is the Standing Cable Hamstring Curl beneficial for losing weight?
Yes, as part of a comprehensive workout and diet plan, it can aid in weight loss.

6. Is the Standing Cable Hamstring Curl only valuable for bodybuilders?
No, regardless of fitness level, it provides solid lower body conditioning.

7. What to do if I experience pain during the workout?
Consult a certified trainer or physiotherapist if you feel excessive discomfort or pain.

8. How different is the cable hamstring curl from traditional hamstring exercises?
It provides a unique challenge by resisting the hamstring’s natural direction of movement.

9. Should I incorporate this exercise into my routine, even if I undertake other hamstring exercises?
Yes, doing a variety of workouts can lead to better muscle adaptation and growth.

10. Is the Standing Cable Hamstring Curl safe for people with lower back pain?
A prior consultation with the doctor or physiotherapist is advisable.

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