Valslide Push Up

Key Takeaways

Unlock the hidden potential of your workout regimen. The Valslide Push Up might just be the undiscovered addition you need. Engaging, effective, and efficient, it’s more than an exercise. It’s a manifestation of personal strength.

An Intro to the Valslide Push Up

So you’re interested in the Valslide Push Up! Excellent choice. This exercise primarily targets your chest, triceps, abs, and shoulders, providing a comprehensive upper-body workout.

A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Start by positioning the Valslides beneath your palms in a traditional push up position.
2. Keeping your body straight, lower yourself down, exhaling as you go.
3. Allow your elbows to slightly flare out.
4. Once your chest nearly touches the floor, push yourself back up with power.
5. Brace your core and glutes throughout the exercise for additional stability and strength.

Top Tips for Perfecting Your Form

1. Keep your neck neutral. Don’t let it droop or overly extend.
2. Ensure your wrists are directly below your shoulders. This boosts stability.

Your Valslide Push Up experience can be a game-changer. Ready to give it a try?


Q: What muscles does the Valslide Push Up target?

A: You’ll feel this one in your chest, triceps, abs, and shoulders.

Q: Can a beginner perform the Valslide Push Up?

A: Absolutely. Just pay special attention to maintaining form and start with a lower volume.

Q: What is the Valslide?

A: It’s a fitness tool that enhances traditional exercises, adding an element of instability that fires up your muscles in new ways.

Q: How do I properly position the Valslides for a Valslide Push Up?

A: Place the Valslides beneath your palms in a traditional push-up position, ensuring they are stable and allow smooth movement.

Q: What are the benefits of using Valslides in push-up exercises?

A: Valslides add an element of instability, engaging stabilizing muscles and intensifying the workout, leading to improved core strength and muscle activation.

Q: Can I use Valslides for other exercises apart from push-ups?

A: Yes, Valslides can be used for a variety of exercises such as lunges, mountain climbers, and hamstring curls, enhancing the challenge and effectiveness of each movement.

Q: Is the Valslide Push Up suitable for individuals with wrist issues?

A: If you have wrist issues, it’s advisable to consult a healthcare professional before attempting the Valslide Push Up. You might need modifications or alternatives to avoid discomfort.

Q: How does the Valslide Push Up compare to traditional push-ups?

A: The Valslide Push Up adds an element of instability, making it a more challenging variation of the traditional push-up. It engages more muscles and requires greater core control.

Q: Can I perform the Valslide Push Up on any type of flooring?

A: While Valslides can work on various surfaces, a smooth and relatively friction-free floor is ideal for smooth sliding movements during the exercise.

Q: How can I progress in the Valslide Push Up?

A: To progress, you can increase the range of motion, slow down the tempo, or add more reps. You can also explore advanced variations like Valslide pike push-ups for an extra challenge.

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