Yoga Push Up

Key Takeaways

If you ever thought fitness had to be a grueling task, then you’re about to think differently. The Yoga Push Up not only offers a fresh perspective on exercise but also provides a holistic blend to your fitness regimen. Come along and let’s rediscover the art of staying fit whilst staying calm.

The Yoga Push Up: A Holistic Blend of Fitness and Serenity

With the dawn of a new age in fitness and wellness, Yoga Push Up emerges as an essential gem. Essentially, the Yoga Push Up blends in traditional push-up techniques with graceful yoga positions. It’s a perfect confluence of strength training and mindfulness.

Executing the Perfect Yoga Push Up

  1. Place your hands on the mat, shoulder-width apart and your feet slightly apart.
  2. Keep your body aligned from head to heels, just like a standard plank.
  3. Lower your body, with your elbows hugging your ribcage, leading to a chaturanga or four-limbed staff pose.
  4. Push your torso up, resulting in an upward facing dog pose.
  5. Return to the plank position and repeat.

This exercise targets your chest, shoulders, arms, core or Abs, and back, providing an efficient full-body workout.

Going the Extra Mile: Additional Tips for a Smooth Yoga Push Up

  1. Breathe in and out with each push up, aligning your movements with your breath.
  2. Ensure your spine stays neutral throughout the exercise.
  3. Start slow and gradually increase your repetitions as your strength increases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can beginners try the Yoga Push Up?

Most definitely! Beginners can start with modified versions and progress into the full Yoga Push Up.

Does Yoga Push Up help reduce weight?

Yes, Yoga Push Up aids in burning calories and thus contributes to weight loss.

How often should I perform Yoga Push Up?

Opt for a frequency that complements your fitness level and goals. Initially, twice or thrice a week should suffice.

Can I do a Yoga Push Up without a yoga mat?

While it’s possible, a yoga mat provides comfortable cushioning and better grip.

What’s the significance of breath control in Yoga Push Up?

Breath control plays a significant role in maintaining the rhythm of the exercise and enhances mindfulness.

And there it is. In the heart of the Yoga Push Up lies the secret to break away from mundane workout routines. It’s engaging, revitalizing, and wholly beneficial! Take the plunge, try the Yoga Push Up, and experience the difference today.

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