Roasted garlic and pumpkin soup


If you’re looking to transform your kitchen into a culinary hub of health and wellness, look no further than the flavorful Roasted Garlic and Pumpkin Soup. This soup is not only a powerhouse of nutrients, but also a gastronomic delight that can be enjoyed any time of the year. It’s not only good for you but also delightful to your palate. Let’s dive into the process of preparing this tasty and nutritious Roasted Garlic and Pumpkin Soup.


Here is what you’ll need:

– 2 pounds of pumpkin, chopped (approximately 1kg)
– 6 cloves of garlic, roasted
– 1 onion, diced (approximately 200g)
– 2 cups of vegetable broth (approximately 500ml)
– 1 cup of coconut milk (approximately 250ml)
– 2 tablespoons of olive oil (30ml)
– Salt and pepper to taste

Preparation Time: 15 minutes
Cooking Time: 45 minutes
Serves: 2

Nutritional Facts (Per Serving):

– Calories: 320
– Protein: 7g
– Carbohydrates: 48g
– Fat: 13g
– Fiber: 2g
– Sodium: 560mg


Follow these steps to prepare your Roasted Garlic and Pumpkin Soup:

1. Start by preheating your oven to 400°F (200°C). Place the garlic cloves on a baking sheet, drizzle with a tablespoon of olive oil, and roast for 15-20 minutes until they’re soft and golden.
2. While your garlic is roasting, heat the remaining olive oil in a large pot over medium heat. Add the onions, cooking until they are translucent.
3. Add the chopped pumpkin to the pot, stir to combine with the onions, and allow it to cook for about 10 minutes.
4. Once the garlic is roasted, squeeze the soft cloves out of their skins and into the pot with the pumpkin and onions. Stir well to combine.
5. Pour in the vegetable broth and let the soup simmer for around 20 minutes, or until the pumpkin is soft and cooked through.
6. Use a blender or hand immersion blender to puree the soup until it’s smooth.
7. Stir in the coconut milk, and season with salt and pepper to taste. Allow the soup to heat through for another 5 minutes.


Here are some handy tips to keep in mind:

1. Roasting garlic brings out its sweet, mellow flavor which complements the pumpkin perfectly.
2. You can substitute the pumpkin with butternut squash if pumpkin isn’t available.
3. For added creaminess, you can add a dollop of Greek yogurt before serving.


Serve your Roasted Garlic and Pumpkin Soup hot, preferably in a deep bowl to keep it warm for longer. A slice of crusty bread on the side wouldn’t go amiss. Enjoy this hearty, comforting soup on a chilly evening for a warm, cozy, and nutritious meal.

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