4 Exercises To Help You Set A New Deadlift Record

Key Takeaways

Alright, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of how you can conquer that deadlift record! We’ve got four dynamite exercises that are going to give your muscles a wake-up call. Get ready to feel the burn and make those gains!

Exercise 1: Kickstarting with Dynamic Deadlifts

Targeted Muscles: Hello Glutes, Hamstrings, and Lower Back!

  1. So, picture this: you’re standing with your feet just a bit apart, and there’s a barbell right in front of you.
  2. Time to bend those hips and knees – keep that back straight! Grab that barbell with a grip that says “I mean business.”
  3. Feel that core engagement? Perfect. Now, it’s lift-off time! Push through your heels and feel those glutes and hamstrings working as you rise.
  4. Okay, time to gently put that barbell back down, keeping it cozy against your body.


  • Think “close to the shins” when moving that barbell up.
  • Keep that back as straight as your determination.
  • Let your hips and legs take the lead, your back is just the backup dancer!

Exercise 2: Rack Pulls for Major Leaps

Targeted Muscles: Upper Back, Traps, and Forearms – Let’s Do This!

  1. Imagine this scenario: there’s a barbell on a squat rack, just hanging out at knee height.
  2. You stroll up, feet hip-width apart, and give that barbell an “I’m ready” look.
  3. With a grip that shouts “I got this,” grab that barbell – hands a tad wider than shoulder-width.
  4. Ready? Engage your back and lift, keeping that back straight and strong.
  5. Now, bring it back down gently, like you’re tucking it in for a nap at knee height.


  • Squeeze those shoulder blades – upper back muscles, we’re looking at you!
  • Don’t let go! Keep that grip tight and show that barbell who’s boss.
  • Find a weight that challenges you, but not one that sends you running for the hills (or the ice pack).

Exercise 3: Unleash the Romanian Deadlift

Targeted Muscles: Hey There, Hamstrings, Glutes, and Lower Back!

  1. Imagine holding a barbell in front of your thighs, like you’re about to do a superhero lift.
  2. Stand there, feet hip-width apart, knees with a slight bend – you’re like a coiled spring.
  3. Now, imagine you’re bowing to your hammies and glutes – that’s the hinge we’re going for.
  4. As you bow, that barbell follows suit, but you’re keeping that hinge – no slouching!
  5. Ready to rise? Squeeze those glutes, straighten those hips, and show that barbell who’s the boss.


  • Keep that barbell on a leash – aka, close to your body.
  • Hamstrings and glutes should be doing the talking – let them tell their story.
  • Say no to the dreaded round back – keep that spine in check.

Exercise 4: Elevate with Deficit Deadlifts

Targeted Muscles: Lower Back, Glutes, and Hamstrings – You Got This!

  1. So, you’re standing on a platform, heels hanging off the edge – like a fitness tightrope!
  2. And guess what’s in front of you? Yep, a barbell that’s itching for some action.
  3. Grab it with an overhand grip, and here comes the lift-off – hips and knees extend!
  4. Carefully bring it back down, keeping that deficit stance – no drop-offs here.


  • Start light, friend – this is your training ground.
  • That deficit? It’s your secret weapon for extra challenge.
  • Keep that spine aligned and your core in superhero mode.

FAQs About Dominating Your Deadlift Record

1. How often should I hit up these exercises?
Shoot for 2-3 times a week – your muscles need that consistent TLC.

2. Can newbies like me handle these exercises?
Absolutely! These moves are your stepping stones to greatness, no matter your starting point.

3. What’s the secret sauce for nailing that deadlift record?
Two words: Strong. Foundation. These exercises are your ticket to deadlift glory.

4. Should I go all-in with heavy weights right away?
Hold your horses! Start manageable, build that foundation, then pile on the plates.

5. What if my moves look wonky?
No worries – a real-life trainer can help you straighten things out before you lift your own body weight.

6. Can ladies pump iron with these exercises too?
Absolutely! Iron is for everyone, and these exercises will have you slaying the strength game.

7. Do I need to warm up?
100% – get those muscles in the groove with stretches and a bit of light cardio.

8. Straps or no straps?
Hold off on the straps for now – let those grip muscles get their workout too.

9. How’s food fitting into all of this?
Feed those muscles with protein-packed meals – they’re the building blocks of your gains.

10. When’s the “Look at Me!” moment?
Patience, young grasshopper. Stick with the plan and see those results in just a few weeks.

Ready to rewrite your deadlift history? Strap on those lifting shoes, grab that chalk, and show that barbell who’s boss. Your new record is waiting for you – now go claim it!

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