Split Stance Cable Lift

Key Takeaways

Welcome! Let’s delve into the world of fitness with an exercise that’ll recharge your gym routine: the Split Stance Cable Lift. Surely, it’s about time we cut through the jargon and focus on maximising your workout. Ready? Let’s go.

The Unfolding of the Split Stance Cable Lift

Hear it here first! The Split Stance Cable Lift is no ordinary stretch. It’s a potent exercise targetting multiple muscle groups in your body – amplifying strength and flexibility.

Let’s break it down and understand exactly what this exercise is about, shall we?

Step-by-Step Process

Attention beginners! Follow these simplified instructions to nail this posture.

  1. Stand upright with your feet hip-width apart.
  2. Select the weight on the cable machine.
  3. Get into a split stance by stepping one leg forward and keep the other at the back.
  4. Grab the cable handle.
  5. Lift the cable diagonally across your body.
  6. Lower the weight back down and repeat.

What areas does this target?

The beauty of the Split Stance Cable Lift is its comprehensive muscle engagement. It primarily targets your Glutes, Abs, and Biceps. So, prepare to feel the burn!

Hot Tips to Ace the Split Stance Cable Lift

  1. Lean slightly forward, but maintain a straight back.
  2. Always engage your core during the exercise.
  3. Relax your neck and avoid straining it.


1. What is the Split Stance Cable Lift?

The Split Stance Cable Lift is an exercise that targets multiple muscle groups, increasing both strength and flexibility.

2. What muscle groups does Split Stance Cable Lift target?

This potent exercise primarily engages your Glutes, Abs, and Biceps.

3. Is the Split Stance Cable Lift suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! This exercise can be easily performed by beginners.

4. Can I incorporate this exercise into a Cable Lifts routine?

Certainly, the Split Stance Cable Lift mixes well with other Cable Lift Exercises.

5. Do I need to warm up before Split Stance Cable Lift?

Yes, warming up is crucial before engaging in this exercise to prevent injury.

6. How Should I Position My Feet during the Split Stance Cable Lift?

For the Split Stance Cable Lift, position one foot forward and the other foot back to create a stable and balanced stance.

7. What Equipment is Required for Performing the Split Stance Cable Lift?

You’ll need a cable machine and an appropriate attachment for this exercise.

8. What are Some Variations of the Split Stance Cable Lift?

Variations include using different cable attachments or adding a rotational component to the lift.

9. How Can I Progress in the Split Stance Cable Lift?

Gradually increase the weight you lift and focus on improving your form and control for progression.

10. Are There Any Common Mistakes to Avoid in the Split Stance Cable Lift?

Avoid arching your back and using momentum; instead, maintain proper posture and perform the movement smoothly.


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