Beef and pasta bake


Whoever said comfort food couldn’t be easy and scrumptious? Dive into this rich, cheesy Beef and Pasta Bake that’s sure to warm your heart and your belly. And, if you fancy, throw in your unique spin!

Quick Facts:

– Get Ready:  20 minutes
– Bake Away:  20 minutes
– Enough For 4 hungry souls

What You’ll Need for Beef and Pasta Bake

– Beef, ground: 450g
– Your fave pasta: 480ml
– Tomatoes, nicely diced: 400g
– Classic marinara sauce: 500ml
– Any cheese (but make it shredded): 250ml
– Onion, all chopped up: 1
– Fresh garlic, minced: 2 cloves
– Olive oil for the pan: 30ml
– A pinch of salt: 5g
– A dash of black pepper: 2.5g

The Good Stuff (Nutrition) Per Serving:

– Energy boost: 520 calories
– Protein punch: 28 grams
– Carbs: 55 grams
– Healthy fats: 22 grams
– Keep it moving with fiber: 5 grams
– Watch the salt: 900 milligrams

Making Magic:

1. Get that oven roaring to 375°F (190°C).
2. While the oven’s getting ready, get the pasta al dente, using its packet’s wisdom. Once done, drain and set it on the side.
3. Now, give some love to that pan with olive oil on medium flame. Toss in those onions and garlic until they whisper sweet nothings, all soft and golden.
4. Time for the beef! Season with salt and pepper. Stir till it’s got that lovely brown.
5. With the beef ready, bring in the diced tomatoes and marinara. Mix until they’re one big happy family.
6. Slide in the pasta and ensure it gets all the goodness.
7. Moving on, let this mix take center stage in a baking dish. Crown it with your choice of cheese.
8. Time for the oven! Bake till you see that cheese dancing, all golden and bubbly.

Sprinkle in Some Extra Love:

1. Craving it creamier? A dash of milk or a dollop of cream cheese can do wonders pre-bake.
2. Feeling cheesy? Experiment with mozzarella, cheddar, or even parmesan!
3. Veggies for the win! Consider bell peppers or mushrooms.

Serve It Right:

Get that Beef and Pasta Bake piping hot, right out of the oven. Jazz it up with a fresh green salad and maybe some garlic bread. Dive in!

Wrap Up:

This isn’t just food; it’s a bowl of warmth, love, and oodles of flavor. Easy to whip up and a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Get your apron on and let the magic unfold!

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