Traffic light slushy

Introduction to Traffic Light Slushy

In the heat of the summer, nothing is more refreshing than a cool and colourful Traffic light slushy. This vibrant icy beverage is a delightful mix of fruit flavours that not only quenches your thirst but also adds a splash of fun to your day.

Recipe Ingredients for Traffic light slushy

This recipe serves 2 people. Here’s what you’ll need:

– 1 cup of strawberries (approximately 150 grams)
– 1 cup of mangoes (approximately 200 grams)
– 1 cup of kiwis (approximately 150 grams)
– 1 cup of crushed ice (approximately 125 grams)
– 3 tablespoons of sugar (approximately 40 grams)
– 3 cups of water (approximately 700 ml)

Preparation Time

– Preparation time: 15 minutes
– Freezing time: 2 hours
– Total time: 2 hours and 15 minutes

Nutritional Facts for Traffic light slushy

Each serving of this Traffic light slushy provides:

– Calories: 150
– Protein: 1 gram
– Carbohydrates: 36 grams
– Fat: 0.5 grams
– Fiber: 3 grams
– Sugar: 28 grams

Instructions for Making Traffic Light Slushy

1. Start by cleaning and slicing all the fruits.
2. Take the strawberries, add a tablespoon of sugar and a cup of water, and blend it in a mixer until it forms a smooth puree. Pour this mixture into a glass and freeze it for 2 hours.
3. Repeat the process with the mangoes and kiwis, ensuring that you clean the blender between each fruit to maintain the distinct colours.
4. After 2 hours, take out the glasses from the freezer. By this time, the slushy should be partially set. Layer the mango puree on top of the strawberry one, followed by the kiwi puree.
5. Put the glasses back in the freezer for another hour.
6. After an hour, your Traffic light slushy is ready to be served.

Tips for the Perfect Slushy

1. For a healthier version, you can replace the sugar with honey or stevia.
2. You can also use other fruits like watermelon or blueberries for different layers and flavours.
3. It’s essential to freeze each layer before adding the next one to maintain the distinct colours.

Serving Suggestions

Traffic light slushy is a great drink to serve on a hot day. It’s also a hit with kids due to its vibrant colours and sweet taste. You can serve it with a straw and a spoon to enjoy the icy consistency.

At AH7, we always strive to provide healthy and refreshing recipes that are easy to prepare and full of flavour. Our Traffic light slushy is a perfect example of this. Not only is it a fun and colourful drink to enjoy, but it also provides a good dose of vitamins and antioxidants from the fruits. So, why wait? Try this recipe today and add some colour to your day.

Remember, eating and drinking healthy doesn’t have to be boring. With recipes like the Traffic light slushy, you can enjoy tasty and nutritious drinks that also look great. Keep checking back for more healthful and delicious recipes from us. Here’s to a
healthier and more vibrant life!



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